Investigating - We are investigating a problem creating new users in the VoIP Panel, a Major severity ticket has been opened and we will update once we have some answers.
Feb 16, 12:33 EST

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This is the MeloTel Networks Operations Status page. This page can be used to identify current state of affairs related to all MeloTel services. Please subscribe to be informed.

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Feb 17, 2018

No incidents reported today.

Feb 15, 2018

No incidents reported.

Feb 14, 2018
Resolved - Unfortunately it seems the resolution to the calling problem for UDA DIDs required us to form a new authentication to the carrier channel resulting in a system wide phone UN-register and call drop.

We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience.

This has fixed the problem with the USA DIDs and now calls are flowing as normal.

This ticket is now closed.
Feb 14, 12:10 EST
Update - The problem has been identified as a header translation problem. It appears some issue with communicating between the two switches. Them and MeloTel. As our underlying carrier has completed a switch update last night, we are waiting on them to identify and resolve the routing issue.

Updates to follow.
Feb 14, 11:44 EST
Identified - Our underlying carrier for USA DIDs is experiencing a connectivity problem while attempting to route calls to our customers USA DIDs.

The call connects for 5 seconds and drops.

We have verified the problem and the underlying carrier and they are working on the problem.

Updates will follow.
Feb 14, 11:39 EST
Feb 13, 2018
Resolved - This issue has been resolved. Any extensions continuing to experience a problem should first reboot their phone. If problem persists please call support at 1-888-635-6835 or email
Feb 13, 06:12 EST
Monitoring - All Polycom 3 and 4 series devices and Polycom VVX devices have had their configurations updated successfully. At this time any customer experiencing any technical problems with a device would be asked first attempt to restart the device.

If any problem persists please contact us at or call 18886356835.

This ticket is staying in monitoring status until we receive word back from our switch vendor and Polycom.

We would like to thank all of our customers affected by this for their patience.

All services are fully operational.
Feb 11, 16:42 EST
Update - We are happy to report that the remaining clients affected by the Polycom 3 series problem with hold and transfer are being migrated to the new configuration as we speak. We anticipate this to be completed within about 2 hours. At that time, we will ask our clients to re-boot their phones, or wait for 3am tonight when it will re-boot automatically.

An update will follow.
Feb 11, 12:48 EST
Update - Presently the problem with Polycom Soundpoint IP 3 series devices are unable to HOLD or Transfer a call while using TLS security.

We have applied fixes to all affected extensions as a temporary solution until our switch vendor is able to help us come to a resolution, so we can continue with TLS registration on Polycom IP3 series phones.

In the meantime, all devices work, however some users registering with TLS will not be able to hold or transfer a call. If your device is unable to hold or transfer calls, please first try restarting your device. If you are still unable to make calls, please email for assistance. The solution is very easy.

We're working thru active registrations now and we determined this affects a very small number of customers, most of who are already aware of the issue and the fix is in progress now.

The next update to this ticket will come Sunday morning.

If you are still unable to make calls, please email for assistance.
Feb 10, 18:25 EST
Update - This ticket has been updated to include ALL Polycom IP331 phones. The issue persists that makes it impossible to retrieve a call from being on hold. This issue also affects users of the Polycom VVX400 using UC Firmware 5.2.5

We are continuing to work with our vendor to find the solution.

Updates will follow.
Feb 10, 16:23 EST
Identified - We are aware of a problem with Polycom phones on firmware 4.0.13 using TLS that when placing a call on hold, they are unable to retrieve the call.

We have an open bug report with our switch vendor and Polycom to find a solution.

in the meantime, we have a workaround for affected customers.

If you are using a Polycom IP3XX series device and having difficulty placing calls on hold, please email for a support representative to work with you to correct the problem remotely.

The consequence to restoring the ability to pickup a call from being on hold will result in any CloudSoftphone App to stop working.

We are working with our vendors to find the solution and hope to update customers soon.
Feb 10, 15:13 EST
Resolved - MWI should be working now for all extensions after they receive a voicemail or dial *95
Feb 13, 06:11 EST
Identified - We have identified a problem preventing Message Waiting Indicator) MWI from working. This affects users who preference seeing a notification for any new voicemails on their device. Presently this affects a small number of devices. We are working on a solution and will update this ticket soon.
Feb 12, 16:39 EST
Feb 10, 2018
Resolved - This ticket is closed.
Feb 10, 18:26 EST
Update - Registration on TLS has been resolved. Some Polycom 3 series phones have a separate ticket open, but the TLS/SRTP.

We apologize for the inconvenience caused by customers during this upgrade. We have gone thru significant efforts to have this upgrade with minimal service impacting. Unfortunately the nature of some updates which are so significant, it is very difficult to prepare for everything.

In this case, the upgrade to the VoIPPanel v5, there was a problem with TLS registration for devices using specific firmwares. This took some time to identify which firmware worked and which did not. Ultimately coming to solution for each firmware to work using TLS and SRTP.

We resolved the Polycom VVX phones completely and there should be no issues with customers using VVX400 devices.

For customers with IP3 series phones, Please subscribe to this ticket to see how you may be affected.

On behalf of MeloTel, we recognize completely how you rely on us to provide you with a rock solid technology solution. We take this responsibility very seriously and have persevered to a solution no matter the challenge. For this you will always be able to count on our team doing everything it takes to keep your communications effective.

Our sincere apologies for this inconvenience caused today.

This ticket is closed.
Feb 10, 17:59 EST
Update - Good news for VVX400 and IP3XX users. All devices should be able to register again. Regardless of firmware version.

This should officially bring all users back online.

We are still battling an open bug which is being updated monetarily as it affects some VVX users.

Updates to follow.
Feb 10, 16:21 EST
Update - We have rolled out updates for all customers using ZTP provisioning with the IP3XX phones.

We kindly ask that any customers connected to MeloTel using ZTP new provisioning to reboot their device for the latest update.

This will restore service for these customers.

If you are-using a Polycom phone and a reboot does not solve your problem please email for assistance.

We will provide more updates soon.
Feb 10, 15:06 EST
Update - We have rolled out an updates for all customers using ZTP provisioning with the VVX phones.

We kindly ask that any customers connected to MeloTel using ZTP new provisioning to reboot their device for the latest update.

This will restore service for these customers.

If you are-using a VVX phone and a reboot does not solve your problem please email for assistance.

We anticipate an update for Polycom IP3xx devices shortly.

We will provide more updates soon.
Feb 10, 14:37 EST
Update - MeloTel services are functional and stable.

W ehave confirmed that since our recent update to version 5 of our VoIP Panel is incompatible with some firmware versions of Polycom and Cisco Devies using TLS and SRTP encryption. This is specifically a firmware incompatibility and means that if the device is not using the correct firmware version on their device, they will not get a secure connection therefore they will not be able to make or receive calls on that device. Until they are updated.

We are currently rolling out a solution that resolves the issue for more than 98% of the extensions connected to our network.

We have a solution which restores service to devices using our ZTP provisioning. Some devices which are not using our ZTP will be required to either join ZTP provisioning, or update their device firmware to the correct firmware version and then reprogram their device.

Currently the only devices which support TLS/SRTP encryption are as follows;

- Polycom VVX Series: 5.6.0
- Polycom IP Series: 4.0.13
- Cisco SPA504g: 7.6.2a

If you require TLS and SRTP encryption, your must update your firmware to the support version.

If you require assistance, please email for assistance.

We will provide more updates soon.
Feb 10, 14:33 EST
Update - We have been successful in correcting some test clients with the new device firmware. We are now working to roll it out to all customers. Updates will follow.

We are working thru clients in alphabetical order at this time. if you are working on Saturday (today) and you are out of service and wish to be prioritized, please email
Feb 10, 12:59 EST
Update - We are currently testing a new firmware version on a few select accounts in an effort to correct the issue. Updates to follow shortly.
Feb 10, 11:08 EST
Identified - The problem has been identified with some specific firmware versions of UC devices that are having trouble negotiating the TLS subscription.

We are working on a solution for users now.
Feb 10, 10:58 EST
Update - Engineers are now logged into our switch and investigating the registration issue.
Feb 10, 10:29 EST
Update - The issue has been identified to be affecting only devices using TLS secure registration. We are actively investigating and will update shortly.
Feb 10, 10:20 EST
Update - We have escalated the issue with our switch vendor to investigate the problem with some devices not being able to register.
Feb 10, 10:11 EST
Investigating - We have multiple reports of some devices being unable to register to SIP server in order to make/receive calls. We are investigating this and will update this ticket shortly.
Feb 10, 10:05 EST
Completed - Our upgrade to v5 has been completed successfully. If you have any issues to report, please contact with any details of the problem. Otherwise, this maintenance is being closed.
Feb 10, 06:50 EST
In progress - Scheduled maintenance is currently in progress. We will provide updates as necessary.
Feb 10, 02:00 EST
Scheduled - We are so pleased to finally announce that MeloTel will be performing one of our most significant upgrades to our VoIP Infrastructure. The new version comes with over 150 new features, improvements and bug fixes, as well as architectural simplifications that make it faster and more scalable.

What to expect.
- During the upgrade maintenance window, all users access to the voip panel will be disabled.
- During this maintenance window, call quality could be slightly affected for brief periods of time.
- After the maintenance, we will be performing a SIClytics Database Optimization. (separate maintenance)

Subscribe to this ticket for updates.
Feb 1, 15:08 EST
Feb 9, 2018

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Feb 8, 2018

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Feb 7, 2018

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Feb 6, 2018

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Feb 5, 2018

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Feb 4, 2018

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Feb 3, 2018

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